Honda Malaysia announced on their official website, stating the lack of airbag units for the recent replacement recalls and they are trying their best to hasten the process and regularly update on this issue. 

With millions of recalls for the past few months after the airbag shrapnels incidents, this measure is necessary after the airbag posed risks to its passengers rather than saving them in the event of an accident. The airbag inflators exploded with extreme force after continuous exposure to heat and humidity, leading to over 100 injuries and 13 deaths (on a global scale) to date.  In Malaysia, these Takata-made airbags are already linked to three deaths, all of which are the same production of Honda City.

One incident in April (2006 City) leads to another fatal one in  May at Kedah, involving a 2003 City, with the most recent unfortunate event on June 26, 2016, after a 2005 Honda City burst in a light crash. 

Days after the Honda Malaysia announced the second recall; the fatality took place. This second round of replacement will involve eight models with 147,894 vehicles, to oust the front passenger faulty airbag inflator.

With this latest episode of the freak accident, many owners started spurring into action, possibly causing a spike in a shortage of replacements, even though there isn't an official statement from Honda Malaysia in regards to this issue yet. 

This worldwide phenomenon involving various brands from Honda to Ferrari, and millions of cars, means that the demand for replacement airbags is overwhelming the current supply at this juncture.

Meanwhile, here is a compilation of all Takata airbag-related recalls in Malaysia – from Honda, Nissan, Toyota, to Mitsubishi, and even Ferrari, amongst others.