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Wheelspine is Malaysia's 1st and Largest Used Car Aggregator. Apart from that, we strive to be an All-in-One automotive web platform that is comprised of several branches related to automotive aspects

Our main feature allows users to search for new and used vehicles easily with our powerful aggregation algorithms, providing the most results in the entire country. As an added bonus, Wheelspine has the largest car comparisons website in the world, allowing comparisons of 10 cars side-by-side. Wheelspine also specially provides an A.I. car recommendation wizard to easily match cars to every user's tastes, budget and preference, allowing the best decisions to be made

As an All-in-One automotive web platform for aggregated automotive listings, Wheelspine also allows users to:

  • Collect points through activities
  • Earn rewards
  • Online test drive booking
  • Get access to credible car news & reviews
  • Get answers from enthusiasts via crowdsourcing
  • Apply & renew vehicle loans & insurance


Largest Car Database

With many more features under development, we are working hard to create and improve our platform in order to provide an All-In-One automotive solution to the benefit of everyone

Wheelspine's main feature is the Used Car Aggregator. We compile all used car results from all over Malaysia, and whenever users perform a used car search, our website displays the results. When a user clicks on the result of the used car, the user will be brought to the original source of where the used car was published.

Wheelspine also provides offline results to be displayed based on user submissions, providing both online and offline results. This feature further eliminates the hassles of the entire search process for used cars. We have over 300,000 used car results at any given time.

Apart from used cars, Wheelspine also has a large database of New Cars. Visitors to our website will be able to use our new car search feature that enables them to search for a new car based on Brand, Body Type (sedan, SUV, wagon, etc.), Price Range (price of the car), and Monthly Payment based on their budget and affordability.

Tailored for Ladies - 1st in the World

Based on surveys carried out in Malaysia, we have specially designed a new car recommendation wizard that would allow ladies to easily find a new car based on their choice.

With just a few simple clicks, our smart new car recommendation wizard would display the new car results based on Lifestyle, Colour of the Car, and Monthly Commitment. These are all done within 3 steps. Easy, simple, and hassle-free.

Get Rewards for Your Contribution

Wheelspine reward members by allowing points to be earned through their activities and contributions in our discussions forum. Daily logins, comments, responses, sharing - all these would enable members to earn contribution points. Points can then be used in exchange for gifts. It is a way for us to say "Thanks for using Wheelspine !"

Apart from the above, Wheelspine also has the following automotive tools that would benefit everyone that uses Wheelspine:

  • Collect points through activities
  • Earn rewards
  • Online test drive booking

About Wheelspine meDias & sTudios:

Wheelspine ‘meDias & sTudious’ is focused onto producing high quality content beyond traditional ways, garnering highest viewer retention without sacrificing content quality

Wheelspine understands the value of a picture, where it could tell a thousand words, while articles guide and suggest to viewers about its intended message delivery. Wheelspine complements all of the important factors by producing videos and slideshows to captivate users by bringing viewers closer to the original live event

Social media channels included - Wheelspine has popular social media channels covered such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for highest targeted reach and exposure. Wheelspine is set to deliver the best automotive content to its viewers, consolidating write-ups, pictures, videos and slide-shows to provide maximum message delivery impact to all our viewers


Online and offline, we deliver the most search results. Cars, bikes, trucks, private, commercial, that's where Wheelspine connects you to your searches. Find it all here at Wheelspine


Google, Yahoo, Bing, you name it, is free to use. Wheelspine gives you aggregated automotive listings, quality news, contents, comparisons, marketplace, discussions, forums and more. We work really hard to provide you all these for free


Wheelspine is here to make your life easier and vibrant in all automotive related aspects. We are here to create the ultimate automotive social media, and thus the name 'Wheelspine'. Making connections to what matters most to you


Your only All In One automobile web platform especially created for you by Wheelspine